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This silicone suction cup is the PERFECT partner to reduce the unsightly effects of cellulite...

What is it?
This silicone suction cup helps reduce the unsightly effects of cellulite by reproducing the famous "PALPATE-ROLL" massage, the most effective and known technique to get rid of orange peel skin. It fights all types of cellulite (aqueous, adipose, fibrous).    

Instructions for use 

1. Apply the HELIASLIM MASSAG WAX on the cellulite-affected area (WARNING: do not use the HELIASLIM SLIMMING Gel that penetrates tooo quickly).

2. Apply firm pressure on the sides of the Cup to release air.

3. Place the Cup at the bottom of the chosen area (thighs, hips, buttocks, arms and abdomen) without releasing the pressure.

4. Slowly release the Cup. Your skin is immediately sucked into the Cup : the fold of skin appears inside.

5. If the suction feels too strong, reduce it by slitghtly squeezing the sides of the Cup to release som aire.

6. Move the Cup vertically from bottom to top. Repeat for 3 minutes. Never go back and forth!

7. Continue working upwards and horizontally stararing from the inside out for 1 minutes. Always work form bottom to top.

8. End your massage by making small circular movements describing an "S" for 1 minutes, still from bottom to top.

9. In case of deep cellulite, you can finish your massage by firmly press your HELIASLIM Cup into your skin. Move your Cup a few centimeters without releasing the pressure and wait a few seconds before moving it again.

Frequency ?

5 minutes massage on every affected area daily.
Visible results after 21 days only. The skin is smoother.
A regular massage combined with a balanced diet and adapted exercises enhance the results.

After your massage session with the HELIASLIM Cup, we recommend to drink 3 large glasses of water within an hour.
For faster results, you can even do your daily massage with 2 HELIASLIM Cups at the same time.

Warnings: massage can be painful. In this case, reduce the skin fold (suction area) by reducing succion of the HELIASLIM Cup and by reducing the duration of massage. When the massage becomes less painful (after 4-5 sessions), you can pinch a larger fold of skin and gradually increase the massage duration.

Caution :

- To be used only on areas with cellulite such as: thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen and arms. 

- It should not be used in case of pregnancy.

- Do not use if you have varicose veins, bad blood circulation, if you take anticoagulants or experience dermatological diseases.

- It should never be used on a dry skin (without HELIASLIM Massage Wax).

- The massage should be done following the direction of blood circulation: from the bottom to the top of the body. Never do back and forth on the treated area.

- Use only gentle soap or shower gel to clean the HELIASLIM Cup.


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