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Heliabrine: La Beauté made in Monaco

Founded in 1941 in the Principality of Monaco, SED HELIABRINE Laboratories belong to the dermo-cosmetics group ASEPTA-AKILEINE.

HELIABRINE provides a complete aesthetic line including 9 ranges developed with natural key ingredients to answer each skin type needs.

All products are formulated by pharmacists in collaboration with dermatologists and aestheticians. Some selective ingredients such as shea butter, have been studied for several years and are used extensively together with various plant extracts (Calendula, Centella Asiatica, Sweet Clover, Imperata Cylindrica, Ginkgo Biloba…), all chosen and associated for their synergy.

HELIABRINE is THE beauty treatment range, selected by aestheticians in over 30 countries, for the effectiveness of its professional treatments and for its high quality retail products.

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