Floral' Essence

Active complexes:
Revealing the best of nature, the 6 active complexes contain highly concentrated vegetable oils or plant extracts that result in a very unique mask.
Aromatic extracts:
Using the principle of aromatherapy, the 6 aromatic extracts are made of highly concentrated essential oils that contain the volatile aromatic components of the plants (several tons of plants are required to obtain one litre of pure essentail oil).  These extracts give us the best of nature to create a very unique treatment.  Essential oils are such riche and active substances that they have to be used with caution.
They should be kept in small quantities in airtight metal or opaque glass bottles that protect them from the light.  Essential oils should not be applied directly on the skin, and more importantly not on the mucous membrane.  You should therefore follow carefully the instructions for use and mix the oils as described below.