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Hair Mask, Creams & Lotions

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Description ECRINAL ANP 2+ Nourishing Hair Mask: Moisturizes deeply and revitalizes dull, dry and breaking hair.  Helps to repair split ends.Makes untangling and combing easier. Gives to hair extreme softness, shine and maxi volume.   Indications Dry, breaking, damaged, sparse and weak hair.   Instructions for use After shampooing, apply a nut of mask, spread into hear and leave on for approximately 3 to...

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Description ECRINAL ANP2+ Strengthening Hair Lotion: This spray on leave lotion, strengthens and gives softness and a fresh clean feeling to hair and sclap. Can be used as in between shampoos to refresh hairdo. Great as a a softening lotion for dry or permed hair or as a lift for oily hair to ”lighten” and freshen the hair. Can be...